Game Rules

Rules of the Olympus Clash Game

Each week begins on Monday after 3 PM UTC and the Weekly Battle (Round) takes place every Monday at 2 PM UTC. The weekly winners will be announced 1 hour after the end of each round and will be instantly receiving their prizes.

The price of each OC NFT is set at 0.2 KCS.

The total weekly prize pool (in KCS) is determined as:

Total KCS prize pool = 5 KCS (MINIMUM POOL) + 5KCS for every 50 mints after the 100 mint.

The total weekly prize pool (in AMB) is determined as:

The rest of the sales will be used for production expenses, marketing purposes and for the Grand Prize of the yearly winners tournament which will be determined at the end of the year. All weekly winners will be listed in the Grand Tournament list, enjoying a special Hall of Fame list.

Winners list:


KCS prize %







4th - 10th


Winners list:


AMB prize





3rd - 5th


6th - 10th


To participate in the Round, you have to send your picked hero NFTs to the battle, otherwise they remain in your army for the battle you choose based on the strategy you want to follow. If you send a hero to the battle, they are automatically sent to the burn address and cannot be claimed back again for any other future battles.

The strength of each player is determined based on the total points of their heroes who are sent to the battle.

Player’s strength = Total sum of points of each hero sent to the battle

Each week, a different terrain (battlefield) will be picked, giving extra boost to different skills. Play wisely, play with good strategy to outsmart your opponents.

The NFTs cannot be sold in any marketplace and once burnt for the weekly battle, they cannot be claimed back again.

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