Investors are those who will help build and establish the Gallery. Taking advantage of partnerships with a handful of artists who already work with us, we created the “Building Blocks” collection of generative Art pieces, in the form of NFTs, which will act as a proof of contribution for the investors. This collection establishes and funds the Art Gallery’s marketing efforts, while also giving the contributing artists a fair payment for their work.

Everyone holding these “Building Blocks” NFTs is an investor and will be treated as one getting their monthly dividend directly from the Art Gallery’s treasury. Investors also get to see every new Art exhibition and buy before anyone else, that’s why all “Building Blocks” holders are automatically whitelisted for every new NFT Art collection launch.

Art is pure and that’s why it will treat all investors equally. While the cost to mint each NFT will be the same for everyone, the rarity points it holds will be the indicator of the percentage of the treasury each wallet collects. Thus, investors with the rarest “Building Blocks” NFTs will get higher dividends from the treasury. Everyone will be made aware of the rarity of their NFTs only after the reveal which is planned to take place as soon as the minting procedure is completed.

Investors of DivArt are people who love Art, but also want to earn a steady income. With that said, if they change their mind, they will always be able to sell their “Building Blocks” collection NFTs on a variety of NFT marketplaces across KCC network. When sold, a 10% royalty fee will occur that will directly fund the Gallery’s treasury and marketing account. This high royalty fee is necessary to ensure investors are here for the long run.

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