Can you estimate an art’s intrinsic value? What about line, shape, color, texture and space. If yes, DivArt is the right place for you. We will provide small batches of unique, 1/1, handmade, limited NFT Art pieces from different artists. Each NFT, a unique Art made exclusively for 1 holder alongside documentation about the Art piece itself from the creator.

If you are a real Art lover and you get to hold the most expensive sale of the month you can become the Art Gallery’s manager. This position will ensure you fame and income in the form of the manager’s compensation as a dividend from the treasury at the end of next month. If you can’t afford to buy the most expensive Art piece, don’t worry! You can freely participate in many different community events and be able to secure a WL spot for the limited 1/1 mint.

Getting in the exclusive “Collectors’ Community” (CC) or being an investor enables you to mint every new collection as a WL member. Minting the Gallery’s monthly collections gives you massive and fast returns because the higher you list your minted 1/1 NFTs on the secondary market, more people who want to get the manager’s role will bid for it. CC members also get on a raffle for huge surprise giveaways.

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