DivArt Community Benefits


The OC Ambassadors, who will be 3 members coming from the DivArt Investors group, will be receiving 5 complimentary, random OC NFTs each week as a little sign of appreciation for their help in promoting the game.

Building Blocks (BB) HOLDERS

The BB holders will be airdropped a complimentary number of 10 random OC NFTs every 2 weeks for the first 5 rounds (in total 50 OC NFTs) provided that during the snapshot (the exact time will be announced in advance) their BB NFTs won't be listed. The total benefit is determined to be set at 10 KCS which is equal to the average mint price of the BB sold so far.

All future purchases of BB NFTs will automatically lead to the same benefit, which means airdrop of 10 OC NFTs every 2 weeks for the first 5 rounds.

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