Ambrosia (ERC-721)

Ambrosia (AMB) NFT: 10,000 pieces of 1 KCS each.

NFT usage:

Keep it for Nectar (NEC) (ERC-20) token airdrop. NEC will be the official token of Olympus Clash (OC), used for all later stages of the products’ development around the game. 30% of all NEC tokens will be allocated to AMB holders.

If you don’t use your AMB for the NEC airdrop, you can sacrifice it to get a +2% lifetime OC game Hero Points boost per AMB burnt.

AMB NFTs will be airdropped in every OC round, 20 Ambrosia for places 1-10 in addition to 5KCS MINIMUM airdrop (according to OC sales :every 100 sales 5KCS increase) KCS prizes only in places 1-3.

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